Professional cable assembly – Efficient complete solutions

As experts in cable assembly, component manufacturing and control technology, we transform highly complex electrotechnical requirements into individual, ready-made complete or individual solutions. We do all this in a single operation and under our own roof.

More than 30 years of experience in the fields of cable processing, electrical engineering and control cabinet construction enable us to achieve particularly low-maintenance and thus economical solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. Nothing stands in the way of use at worldwide locations, as we meet the requirements of several international approvals such as UL approval, CSA approval, EN approval and Swiss railroad approval.



Once all the cables have been cut to size and assembled, they have to be coiled so that they are ready for assembly and transport. This is done using a turntable controlled by a frequency converter with a winding diameter of 150 mm to 500 mm.

Cable board assembly

Assembly on the cable board allows us to assemble, connect and tie off cable sets and cable harnesses for you ready for installation. When everything is in the right place here, the individual kits can be labeled and prepared for transport.

Fiber optic cable (Agilent-LWL)

Our repertoire also includes fiber optic cables. For the processing of Agilent fiber optic cables we use special wheels for cutting, diamond grinding and diamond polishing. We monitor the quality of the cut by means of special cameras with 400x magnification. In addition, we subject your fiber optic cables to attenuation measurement using special measuring equipment.

Cable processing

We manufacture flexible cable solutions exactly according to your requirements. Our portfolio includes crimping, soldering, clamping, shrinking, bundling and fastening, cutting to length and cutting to size of single wires, control cables, data cables, COAX cables, CAN-BUS, PROFI-BUS, KNX-BUS cables or flat ribbon cables. Of course, each individual part is provided with its necessary designation and marking. Almost all of our processes are fully or semi-automatic thanks to reliable precision crimping machines with integrated crimp depth monitoring and servo-controlled cutting machines. Translated with (free version)

Kabel in Spannvorrichtung

Inkjet printing

Precisely labeled and marked individual components are essential for smooth installation of your cable modules. Each individual component is given a start and end label with different addresses and sequential labeling at selectable intervals so that the installer only has to plug the individual kits together. You can have all components individually printed – with bar codes, graphics, an individual logo or text. Translated with (free version)

We print your cables, strands and labeling materials at a speed of 128kHz with highly adhesive MEK-based inks (MEK= methyl ethyl ketone). These inks dry in seconds and are therefore particularly well suited for industrial inkjet printing.


Your cables are cut exactly to your length specifications using high-speed cutting machines (3m/sec). The dimensions are taken directly from your Excel file. With a cutting tolerance of less than 0.5 mm, we can cut cables of all types for you extremely reliably, from single-core cables to round cables and flat ribbon cables. If manual cutting is required, we only use calibrated cutting equipment.


Every order begins with the unwinding of cable goods. From our large selection of cables, we work with you to choose the right cables for your requirements. We store and process bundled goods, plastic spools, cable drums, drum goods and Niehoff system goods up to a maximum drum diameter of 1200 mm and 1200 kg per drum.

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