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Freshness that arrives in trade and gastronomy. Whether for the dairy industry and dairies, the spice and flavoring industry, or the meat industry – we plan your very individual conveyor and storage technology according to the highest quality and hygiene standards. After all, your customers should be able to rely on freshness and quality.

  • Meat products
  • Vegetables
  • Frozen goods
  • Bakery products
  • Beverages

Meat products

Hygiene is the top priority in meat product conveying technology and is subject to strict guidelines. This means that not only piece goods or bulk goods must be moved hygienically through your production and storage areas, but also that the individual parts of the conveyor technology such as rollers, belts, etc. must be easy and simple to clean.
Bild eines rohen Tomahawk-Steaks


Fresh, full of vitamins, crisp. The transport of fruit and vegetables requires special conveying technology. This is because it is not only a matter of compliance with food regulations, but also of the integrity and quality of the product.
Grünes Gemüse wie Brokoli, Gurke, Avocado, Spinat, Spargel, etc.

Frozen goods

Conveyor and bearing technology are subjected to enormous loads in deep-freeze warehouses. Lubricants must be freezer- and food-friendly. Maintenance-friendly product solutions and optimally utilized material behavior play a decisive role here.
Gefrorene Heidelbeeren und HImbeeren

Bakery products

To enjoy crispy and aromatic rolls, bread, pizza, etc., strict hygiene and material guidelines must also be observed during transport. Only food-grade oils and fats may be used. Dirty edges or exposed screws along the conveyor system must be avoided at all costs.
Nahaufnahme von frisch gebackenem Brot


Just let it bubble, despite large loads? In large warehouses with heavy loads, load handling, speed and turnaround are particularly important. Our solution approaches start with camera and scanner systems and end with individual solutions for your goods carriers.
Fertig befüllte Wasserflaschen in einer Abfüllanlage
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