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Industries cable assembly

Powerful, individual & custom-fit – we are at home in many industries.

Functionally reliable and high-quality cable solutions for smooth operation of your systems. Whether in building technology, the automotive industry or aerospace, in mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing, plant engineering and special machine construction – our cable assembly can support industrial companies in all sectors and withstand the highest requirements. We mainly use halogen-free cables that are flame-retardant and resistant to liquids such as oils and chemicals.

  • Building services engineering
  • Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, equipment manufacturing
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Special mechanical engineering

Building services engineering

Whether office complexes, clinics, hotels or production facilities – the demands on the performance and complexity of assemblies and cable systems are constantly increasing. Fail-safety and trouble-free signa transmission are in the foreground here. Together with you, we analyze the requirements for smoothly functioning building technology and assemble your order in such a way that you can easily connect all the individual parts within a module on the basis of their labeling.
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Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, equipment manufacturing

Machine and plant cables have to withstand high demands. Precisely assembled, tested and provided with all the necessary electrical and mechanical equipment so that you can rely on sustained high performance in your production facilities.
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Automotive industry

Wiring harnesses perfectly prepared for integration in your automotive electronics. Here, reliability must not be left to chance. Signals, data, power and media must be transmitted without interference via first-class cable systems. We achieve this by using FLY and FLY-R cables, which we mark over their entire length using inkjet printing.
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As an experienced supplier for the aerospace industry, we know exactly what is important in the assembly of aircraft cables. Whether high-quality cables and connectors as well as heat-shrink tubing or molded shrink parts specially approved for aerospace applications – the products we use meet the highest safety standards and are delivered by us from stock or within a few days. In aerospace technology, Teflon cables are predominantly used with a light and tough insulation, with high temperature resistance and absolute weather resistance.
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Special mechanical engineering

Our developers are specialized in special machines in the food industry. For this purpose, we produce high-quality cable harnesses and connections. In addition, we also assemble prototypes or individual machine components. We are happy to take over your subsequent, serial productions and – if a system should ever have reached the end of its service life – also its disposal.
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Faster processes

Cable assembly is used wherever machines and plants are built in series.

The spectrum of companies we supply ranges from the textile industry to machine and plant construction to the food, electrical and electronics industries.

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